Review of Dizzy Win Casino

Dizzy Win has ceased operations and is now a part of the Win Tingo Casino. This review has been submitted for informative reasons only.

Dizzy Win is the kind of online casino that is intended, at least in part, to raise a few eyebrows, being cartoonish, infantile, and presumably at least somewhat inspired by the PlayStation classic Spyro The Dragon from the 1990s. You may be wondering just why, so allow us to explain.

To begin with, you must be of legal age to play gambling games, whether online or in a physical casino. This, on the other hand, is so approachable that its intended audience is uncertain. However, that may be quite harsh and arrogant. In that instance, let’s suppose that Dizzy Win raises eyebrows since it is really just another online casino attempting to create a fun, wacky environment for players to enter. The issue is that we just want to place a few bets and play a few games.

Apologies for the length of the rant; let’s move on to the real review. In terms of the site itself, it is evident that this one is far more recent than the majority we’re used to interacting with. To begin with, the imager is derived from a Pixar-style animated romp. It is sleek, modern, polygon-free, and unquestionably built within the previous decade. So far, so good.

There is also a prominent suggestion for mobile play. The most noticeable element of the landing page, other than the dragon wearing sunglasses and smiling coyly, is the request to switch to a mobile device, which contains a list of all the platforms they support.

So that you can play on Android and iOS mobile devices, tablet computers, and, well, BlackBerries. Okay, so here may be where we begin to evaluate a valid birth date. BlackBerry, the world’s first office-in-your-pocket smartphone, is nevertheless used by a negligible number of individuals. They were amazing, don’t get us wrong; everyone here had one, and it was difficult to give up the full QWERTY keyboard; in many respects, we still miss it in a world dominated by misspelled words due to the limitations of touch screens. The fact that Dizzy Win continues to promote BB support, though, is instructive.

Done with BlackBerry

Yes, I’m sorry, it was a touch excessive, but such is the cost and strength of nostalgia. In essence, this is a reasonably new and attractive website, although it is not that fresh. So much for the argument; on to the real show!

This may be unsettling for those used to online casinos with a more conventional layout. Check the four horizontal lines in the upper left corner of the screen to get a comprehensive menu with all the necessary options. This alone is a highly current web design method, keeping the site nice and organized.

The first menu choice is titled ‘Mobile Games,’ indicating that, from the developer and site owner’s standpoint, it is most vital to get people playing through mobile. Given the exponential growth of mobile devices over the last several years, this is a smart step. Despite the fact that the great majority of online casinos worth their salt offer decent mobile support, in this case mobile comes first. And this is a positive indicator.

Is There Anything Else We Must Know?

Yes, there are plenty, but let’s get to the point. In addition to fantastic games, Dizzy Win also offers you some really enticing bargains and promotions. The primary incentive is for new members, who get a 100 percent shopping match on their first deposit. Not at all awful.

The second bonus offers a 25% match up to £50. And the last discount is 50% up to £200. The objective is, of course, to keep you playing for as long as possible, and this is an efficient method of doing so. In addition, there is a high-quality loyalty program that provides continued incentives merely for continuing to play. Not to be confused with the VIP offering, which has its own host, contact center, distinct cashback offers, event invitations, special tournaments, prizes, and more.

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